Rudolf Schoesser Memorial Scholarship

Rudolf Schoesser is the perfect example of what is possible in the United States of America. Rudolf immigrated to the United States from Germany and settled in Great Falls. He had very little money and started working at the Anaconda Smelter. Mr. Schoesser was a hard worker, who saved and invested his earnings. He purchased a farm north of Great Falls and worked at the Smelter as well as on the farm for a number of years. When the Smelter closed he expanded his farming operation. Rudolf believed in education and giving students an opportunity to improve themselves: which is why he created this scholarship. Rudolf believed in capitalism and the market. He took the time to learn, grow, and invest his hard earned capital in quality companies, common stock, and mutual funds. The combination of hard work and quality investments lead to the scholarship that we are now the steward of today.

This particular scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to pursue his or her post-secondary education at an accredited institution, who exhibits motivation and action in making his or her dreams a reality.

Scholarship Requirements:
1. The applicant must be a graduating senior from CMR or GFH.
2. The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
3. The applicant must be involved in at least one extracurricular activity each year of high school.
4. The applicant must have applied to an accredited college or university.
5. The applicant must provide a current transcript.
6. The applicant must submit two letters of recommendation.

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