Jason V. Christofferson Memorial Scholarship

Jason Christofferson attended school at Meadowlark Elementary, Paris Gibson Middle School, and graduated from CMR in 2002. Jason had a deep passion for mathematics. He participated in local, state, and regional math competitions, winning numerous awards. Throughout high school and college, he could be found tutoring friends and acquaintances in math. Jason enjoyed helping others understand the concepts and would not accept pay for his assistance.

Jason’s commitment to mathematics continued into adulthood. Upon graduation, he accepted a scholarship with the Marines and chose active duty. His expertise in math led him to be a load master on the C-130s which took him on missions throughout the world. Jason then transferred to the Wyoming Air National Guard so he could continue his education at the University of Wyoming. He graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and economics. Jason then pursued a master’s degree in mathematical finance at the University of Southern California, and worked as a manager/director of data/financial analyst in the Los Angeles area.

Jason’s family established this scholarship to honor his memory and to support a student who excels in the field of mathematics and is pursuing a career in a mathematics-related field.

Scholarship Requirements
1. One $1,000 scholarship for a GFH, CMR or PGEC graduate
2. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.5
3. Must demonstrate proficiency in and a commitment to mathematics in high school
4. Must be pursuing a career in a mathematics-related field
5. Must demonstrate involvement in community, school activities and/or work
6. Must provide a letter of recommendation from a math teacher

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