Ed Warren Education Scholarship

Ed was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Edward James and Gladys Warren. Ed is the oldest of 3 children. His sisters Janice and Lila were adopted. Janice was adopted at 18 months old and was developmentally challenged. She attended Special Education classes in the traditional sense when “Special Ed” was still in very segregated classrooms.

Throughout his junior high and high school education, Ed’s protection of Janice as her “big brother” was evident to all who knew him. Janice had emotional and developmental challenges her entire life and perhaps that’s what first interested Ed in pursuing a career as a Special Education Teacher.

Following graduation, Ed was awarded a football scholarship to then Western Montana College where he majored in Physical Education – including adaptive PE. He attended Western from 1971-1973 and then transferred to then Eastern Montana College in Billings to pursue both an undergraduate and graduate focus in Special Education. He graduated in 1975 with a BA in Education. He then pursued his Master’s Degree at Northern Montana College with an emphasis in counseling, graduating in 1988 with a Master’s in Education.

Ed began his teaching career in 1975 at C.M. Russell High School and taught there, all except one year at North Junior High School, until 1995 when he had the opportunity to transfer to his alma mater, Great Falls High School. He taught Special Education at GFH from 1995 until his retirement in June 2012. He had a wonderful career that spanned 37 years. He enjoyed the challenge of guiding young high school students towards graduation and it was his reward to have witnessed several of them to move on to lead very productive lives in the community.

Ed realized that teachers indeed change lives and have a powerful influence over both student outcomes toward graduation and overcoming life’s challenges. This scholarship is given by Ed’s family in honor of his career in education.

Scholarship Requirements:
1. Must be a GFH graduating senior who plans to pursue a degree in Special Education (K-12).
2. Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
3. Must provide current transcript posting 7th semester grades.
4. Must submit two letters of recommendation.
5. Must attend a Montana state college or university.

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