Carnahan Towing Softball Scholarship

This scholarship was created to support a student athlete who has played softball throughout high school. Softball and baseball have always played a big role in the Carnahan family. Over the years, Mel Carnahan has shared his love of the game with his children and many others through coaching ASA softball and Black Sox baseball.

This scholarship has been established to support a graduating softball player who is pursuing further education and has demonstrated a commitment to supporting others both on and off the field.

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. One $1,000 scholarship will be offered at both GFH and CMR
  2. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.2
  3. Must demonstrate financial need
  4. Must demonstrate a commitment to supporting others
  5. Two letters of recommendation (a letter from a softball coach is preferred)

Donate A One Time Or Ongoing Scholarship For High School Graduates

Setting up an educational scholarship fund can be a meaningful way to give back to your community or to honor a loved one. There are a number of things to consider when planning a scholarship. Please contact the Foundation for assistance, we are happy to help you. Contact Stephanie Schnider at [email protected] or call (406) 268-6021.