Innovation Grants - Funded Projects for 2019-2020 School Year

CMR High School Theresa Jacobs Digging the Digital Age $9,724.87
East Middle School Stacey Krahe Velocity Technology Upgrade $9,995.20
GFH/CMR High Schools Mark Yaeger Tiny Home - Pilot Program $10,000.00
Great Falls High Stacy Dolderer Get Your Game On $10,000.00
Great Falls High Mary Dea Holocaust and Compassion Education $9,960.00
Great Falls High Beth Thomas G2- Geology Galore $3,728.25
Great Falls High Cortni Harant Cross Disciplinary Celebration of Native American Month $3,238.00
North Middle School Andrew Nagengast STEAM Infusion - 3D Printing Clay $9,827.00
North Middle School Clinton Topel Standing Desk for At Risk Students $4,680.00
Paris Gibson Education Center Rikka Walters Paris Ukulele Music Experience $2,500.00
Total Funded $73,653.32

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