David and Patty Van Tighem Scholarship

Both David and Patty Van Tighem knew the value of a college education and worked hard to ensure their three children not only attended and graduated from college, but did so debt free. A one-income household, the Van Tighems put education first and did all they could to support their children in their educational goals. They put off home improvement projects, new cars, and vacations to provide financial support to their children. They always provided constant moral and emotional support.

All three children note that their parents’ support was the most important element in their success. The David and Patty Van Tighem scholarship is given from their children to honor their parents; honoring the sacrifice their parents made to ensure they earned a college education, and to honor the value David and Patty still place on a solid college education. The first David and Patty Van Tighem Scholarship was given in 2012 in recognition of Dave and Patty’s 45th wedding anniversary. This scholarship is offered for seniors graduating on odd years only.

Scholarship Requirements:                                                                                

  1. Must be a GFH graduating senior attending a MUS college or university.
  2. Must be a first generation college student.
  3. Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2.
  4. Must demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities.
  5. Must submit two letters of recommendation from non-family members (one noting parental involvement in education and extracurricular activities).
  6. Must provide a current transcript posting seventh semester grades.

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