Discovery Grants Funded for 2019-2020 School Year

Riverview Elementary Patrick Jewell THINK! Out of the Box. $1,300.00
Great Falls High School Matt Krahe Butte Geology Field Trip $2,844.00
Great Falls High School Stacy Dolderer Computer Science Independent Studies $3,000.00
Longfellow Elementary Brenda Michelotti Connecting to Math $1,335.00
Riverview Elementary Ryan Faulk Differentiated Reading Comprehension $696.84
Giant Springs Kelly Norris Tchoukball - International Game Unit $1,520.98
Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Great Falls Symphony 4th Grade Youth Matinee $2,500.00
Lincoln Elementary Susanne Halley $559.30
Longfellow Elementary Brenda Michelotti Engaging Literacy $2,200.00
Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Artist in Residence $4,800.00
North Middle School Pat Volkmar Summer Ram Enterprises /Grizz Biz (Planting seed of Entrepreneurship) $2,000.00
Giant Springs Tammy Osentowski Culinary Club $1,000.00
GFPS Preschool Tiffani Fox-Sunchild Preschool Core Vocabulary $2,024.42
Great Falls High School Beth Thomas Science Olympiad $2,376.00
Sacajawea Elementary Theresa Busch I Love This Life $840.00
Great Falls High School Cortni Harant Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art Field Trip $1,200.00
North Middle School Elizabeth Quinby Take a Bow $1,590.00
GFPS Preschool Colette Getten Preschool A-ZZZzzzz $3,000.00
Paris Gibson Education Center Amy Gilbertson Learning Outside the Lines $434.54
Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux GFPS Patriot Marching Band $2,556.00
Total $37,777.08

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