Discovery Grants Funded for 2022-2023 School Year

1 CMR High School Jon Davis Forensic Comparison Microscope $2,112.46
2 CMR High School Nathan Gregier Data collection & analysis using sensors & technology $3,000.00
3 CMR High School David Lietz Glute Ham Developers $2,580.00
4 CMR High School David Lietz Accommodating Resistance $2,178.08
5 CMR High School Choir Logan Kropp CMR Choir Robes $3,000.00
6 District Wide Ruth Uecker Oral Health Program $1,800.00
7 East Middle School Stacey Krahe Putting a Spin on Learning $1,075.00
8 East Middle School Tony Hering Football Safety $3,000.00
9 Giant Springs Elementary Karen Mans Chapter Book Project for First Graders $974.53
10 Giant Springs Elementary Kelly Norris Sport Stacking Equipment $600.00
11 Giant Springs Elementary Katie Hurin “Global LIteracy Initiative” $2,465.01
12 Great Falls High School Bianca Bouchard Vocational and social opportunities for Life Skills students $600.00
13 Great Falls High School Mike Hodges Geology Club Equipment Purchase $3,000.00
14 Loy Elementary Brianna Conrad Sensory/ Manipulative Books $850.00
15 Morningside Elementary Kathryn Haynes Join Our Reading Journey $1,000.00
16 Mountain View Elementary Katherine Yeisley Class Set of Scientific Calculators $425.00
17 Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Paris Gibson Museum 3rd Grade Tours $3,000.00
18 Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Great Falls Symphony 4th Grade Matinee $2,500.00
19 Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Patriot Marching Band $2,556.00
20 Paris Gibson Education Center Jen Creed ALL Students Can Write $2,973.54
21 Riverview Elementary Callie Ross Around the World in 30 Books $1,500.00

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