Discovery Grants Funded for 2020-2021 School Year

C.M. Russell High School Steve Olson New Double Basses for CMR Orchestra $3,000.00
District Wide Ruth Uecker Oral Health Program $1,800.00
East Middle School Shannon Coffin "My Story" Photography Journal $2,036.65
GFPS Preschool Colette Getten Pathways to Positivity! $3,000.00
GFPS Preschool Christine Hinkle Intensive Intervention for Emergent Learners $3,000.00
Giant Springs Elementary Alissa Kline Quilts for Crisis $566.97
Giant Springs Elementary Tammy Pospisil Becoming A Social Thinker $1,131.99
Giant Springs Elementary Pamela Mackiel After School Culinary Club $500.00
Great Falls High School Matt Krahe Mineral Cabbing machine and end cut machine. $2,098.00
Great Falls High School Beth Thomas Science Olympiad $2,785.00
Lincoln Elementary Brooke Knowles Room Transformation Kits for Lincoln $1,215.11
Lincoln Elementary Susanne Halley Nonfiction Classroom Magazines $2,378.00
Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Great Falls Symphony 4th Grade Youth Matinee $2,500.00
Music and Art Department Dusty Molyneaux Patriot Marching Band $2,556.00
PGEC - Physical Therapy Dept. Meghan Dellen "We've got Moves" $2,700.00
Sunnyside Elementary Sierra Rutledge Picturing History! $740.00
Sunnyside Elementary Donna Garton Interactive Projector $3,000.00
Sunnyside Elementary Ryan Edwards Sunnyside Storage Shed $1,900.00
West Elementary Tony Hering Elementary Tumbling And Gymnastics Unit $2,845.36
Whittier Elementary Charla Bunker Students on Air - Whittier Radio Readers $1,200.00
Total Funded $40,953.08

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