Ron & Becky Nelson CTE Scholarship

This scholarship was set up by Ron and Becky Nelson and the GFPS Foundation to increase enrollment within the CTE program. This is a $1,500 scholarship open to graduating seniors from CMR, GFH, and Paris. From the applications, the top three candidates will go on to an interview round, from which the recipient will be chosen.

Scholarship Requirements:
1. Student must be a graduating senior from a GFPS high school.
2. Student must have taken a minimum of six CTE classes (or 3 full credits).
3. Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
4. Student must be involved in community service.
5. Recipient must provide the GFPS Foundation with updates of their plans in August following graduation.

Donate A One Time Or Ongoing Scholarship For High School Graduates

Setting up an educational scholarship fund can be a meaningful way to give back to your community or to honor a loved one. There are a number of things to consider when planning a scholarship. Please contact the Foundation for assistance, we are happy to help you. Contact Dave Crum at (406) 268-7340 or